We teach kids music and help them feel awesome

Music Lessons Online and in Bradford on Avon

Kids driving you crazy? Maybe you need time to do something for yourself.

During these unprecedented times, we wish the best for you, your families and everyone else close to you.

Making You Awesome since 2005

During lockdown, we’ve been continuing to do what we always have done – make YOU AWESOME. Through our online Zoom lessons, we’re able to visit your home virtually for music lessons that kids and adults are THRIVING on at this crazy time.

“Sophie loves her lessons, she always comes out buzzing. Jake is always happy to listen to what music she likes and include that in the lesson for her. It keeps it really current and engaging for her.”

We make it FUN,  We make it EASY... We make you AWESOME!

How to get Started? Easy

We make it FUN,
We make it EASY...
We make you AWESOME!

How to get Started? Easy


We contact you to find the perfec lesson time and teacher to suit you

Away you go to start making music!

Music Lessons Not as You've Seen before!

Say goodbye to:

Boring Lessons

Unethusiastic Teachers

Poor Organisation

Little planning or resources

How our Students fall in love with the making music and become incredibly Awesome


We put our student’s immediate wins first; they are MAKING MUSIC from DAY ONE. We believe in building confidence this way to make incredible players, It works, they still learn theory and how to read music all the same whilst progressing quicker and sticking at lessons longer.


Almost every month we run projects and activities students collaborate on, building community whilst giving goals to work towards. This includes our own riffs leaderboard, concerts, workshops and video/recording projects. All collaborative!


We have our own programme for every instrument we teach. This allows us to set clear goals, give rewards and for our teachers to give a consistent lesson experience. We also work around student’s musical tastes and constantly keep them motivated learning the music they love.


We have found incredible fun, hard working teachers that go through our very own training programme. We have an amazing cloud based system that makes your life easy with all of your lesson material, scheduling, billing taken care of so you can focus on enjoying lessons.

Instruments We Offer

Making YOU awesome since 2005.
Each with it’s own structured programme for guitar, piano, drums and voice (we also do bass and ukulele)

Guitar Lessons
inclusion bass and ukulele

Piano Lessons

Drum Lessons

Voice Lessons

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