We Teach Kids Music & Help Them Feel Awesome!

We absolutely love teaching kids & teens Guitar & Drums at BMT

Kids & teens need to grow

All kids love music, but sadly many kids hate music lessons. And parents want them to do something that helps them grow in confidence, learn a skill…and keep off those screens!

How we help kids and teens at BMT

We are commited to making every child that comes to us have fun and feel that music is easy. Our team of awesome, skilled teachers use bespoke curriculums to tap into what helps kids make music quickly and easily whilst covering all core knowledge.

Music Lessons in Bradford on Avon

Building a love of music for good

Students at BMT just keep wanting to come back for more! We have taught 1000+ students, some as long as 13 years. Many go on to become industry musicians – in fact two of our teachers were BMT Students! Though some just play for fun, they all become part of our BMT Tribe!

Why 200+ Students Love BMT School of Music: