Make Friends | Build Confidence | Play in a Rock Band | Eat Popcorn


Make Friends, Build Confidence, Play in a Rock Band, Eat Popcorn

Rock Band Workshops in Bradford on Avon

We make playing in a rock band fun, easy…and make you AWESOME!

Becoming a rockstar in a band is what drives so many musicians. We plant that dream into the minds our RockSchooler’s…and make it come true!

You get to rock out loud, make band logos, posters, do photo shoots and play musical games.

At the end of each workshop you get to play a live ROCK SHOW!

“Thanks so much for running RockSchool. O really enjoyed it and they sounded amazing! It’s the first time he’s ever performed other than in front of his teacher or at home so such good experience and great for his confidence.”
– Helen, parent of a happy RockSchooler!
“I’m so glad that you used to play in a band because it means you know how to help me write songs”
– SM, 10 year old RockSchooler